Believe and achieve

Where to start?! … OK I think running progress should come first because I still can’t believe my trunks are up to 6.5km running with no breaks!! I mean that is literally bonkers, I have never been any good at running and I certainly don’t have the usual physique of a runner BUT I am officially proof that if you want something bad enough and you’re willing to put the effort in then you will succeed! The weather is getting worse and I’ll admit I’m feeling less inspired than I was, however I have no intention of giving up and with only 50 days to go until the London Winter 10km Run for Cancer Research UK I’m feeling determined! Once that’s in the bag I’ll have just 7 weeks to prepare for the Hasting’s Half Marathon and that one really does mean everything to me. There were many reasons for me to enter this half marathon but the biggest one was to raise money and awareness for Lipoedema UK and to get sponsorship towards my upcoming liposuction operations. As well as that I’m doing it to make a point, a point that perhaps I shouldn’t feel the need to make but one I feel I must anyway and that is to prove that no matter how hard someone with Lipoedema trains the disease will not respond. I am now 12 weeks into the training and if anything my legs have got bigger not smaller! I used to hate sharing pictures of my legs but I don’t care anymore so I’ll add them below so you can see the lack of difference for yourself, if nothing else it justifies to myself how much I need this surgery to get my life back.

Which brings me onto the topic of my surgery and my trip to Berlin! I really think I had one of those defining life moments while I was away, when I walked out of the clinic after my consultation I honestly felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders. I can’t really explain it but to speak to someone who absolutely gets what you’re going through, who listens and understands and furthermore believes you, then confidently declares they can help you and give you a life you’ve dreamed of is a feeling that I simply can’t describe. I’m hugely grateful for the 29 years these legs have carried me for but I’m so so done with the daily obsession over how swollen they are, will my boots fit, which socks can I wear, do they look bigger, should I eat that, have I exercised enough … honestly SO done with them. Next year I turn 30 and I have booked in my first surgery for 17th May, what an incredible birthday present to myself! I’m a pretty indecisive person but I have zero doubts about this decision and I have every ounce of confidence in my choice of surgeon too, now I just have to be patient and wait my turn hehe 🙂

Dr Labshies says I will need four surgeries to rid my body of this disease, they can only take 10% of my body weight safely in one go which is why I will need four and also due to my POTS syndrome they will not risk taking larger amounts. Each operation is €5000 and on top of that will be flights, accommodation and time off work to account for, so all in I’m estimating around £20-25,000. At first I was horrified at that figure, don’t get me wrong I do not have that kind of money lying around, BUT then I reasoned with myself and realised some people pay that for a wedding day! That’s just one day, this is going to be for the rest of my life hopefully and that to me is worth it.

I am saving like mad and as well as the half marathon I’m planning to do the three peaks challenge over three days to raise some money. I’m a proud and stubborn person who doesn’t like to ask others for help but I’ve decided I will set up a gofundme page anyway and will ask for help. If no one contributes that’s fine but there’s no harm in asking right?! If all else fails I will put them on a credit card and just work my butt off until they’re paid off. Nothing is going to stop me now, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I refuse to let anything stop me from getting my life back in check!!

To end on an even more positive note here’s a little pic of me and my lippy legs at the summit of Mount Snowdon in Wales last month 😀 My friends and I decided to have an adventure and it was undoubtedly one of the best days I’ve had in ages, loved every second of it and so glad my trunks did as they were told!

I think that’s all for now, I’ll stop in again for a progress report but until then have a very Merry Christmas and I hope you all have something wonderful to look forward to in the New Year. 2019 is going to be an unforgettable one for me of that I am certain xxx

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