Speedy Keto ‘Mousse’ Puds

I have had the most wonderful week away, I fully intended to write lots and experiment with recipes and go wild with the blog but in all honesty I crashed! I think it was possibly the first holiday in my entire life where I literally did nothing …. and I loved it! Normally I get really bored or agitated and irritable but not this time, I guess my body needed the break. The heat was a tricky component to work with as it caused a continuous rise in my already high heart rate and my legs became very swollen but I figured they’re a small price to pay! I will do a post later this week to finally explain PoTS properly as I should have done it a while ago, I find it a fascinating condition so enjoy reading up on it!

For today though I wanted to share with you this super speedy and deliscious sugar free pudding. It can be eaten as a mousse or frozen a while to make a ‘keto ice cream’. Use whichever fruit you like, just remember to check the carb content as some are much higher than others.


  • 150g raspberries (a small punnet – doesn’t have to be precise)
  • 150ml double cream
  • 150g cream cheese
  • Sweetener (to taste, can be left out)


  1. Heat the raspberries in a pan over a low heat until they break down and form a liquid, keep stirring until there are no chunks of raspberry remaining
  2. Add sweetener if you are using it, add a small amount at a time and test until it’s just right!
  3. Pour the raspberry mixture through a sieve into a bowl – you will need to use a spatula to push the mixture through the sieve
  4. Throw away the seeds and other bulk, cover the syrup and leave to cool
  5. In a clean bowl whip the cream cheese until it’s soft and smooth, pour in the cream and whip into soft peaks
  6. Add the cooled raspberry syrup and whip into stiff peaks
  7. Spoon into four ramekins and serve – if you’d like an ‘ice cream’ consistency freeze these for approx 30 mins before serving

For a lemon mousse, omit the raspberry part and add a tablespoon of lemon juice when you reach soft peaks then continue onto stiff peaks.

Finally there’s a chocolate option! The higher the cocoa content is the lower the carb count will be, I used Lindt 85% for my choccy mouses and that was fine. Also it is totally optional but if you like mint chocolate I thoroughly recommend adding a teaspoon of peppermint extract …. ohhhh it was good!

  • Melt 50g chocolate – if you use a microwave be careful not to burn the chocolate
  • Add a quarter of the cream to the chocolate and stir until it is fully combined (this stops the chocolate from solidifying and turning bitty when it hits the cream
  • Now whip up the remain cream until you’ve reached soft peaks, add sweetener at this point if you require
  • Add the chocolate mix and whip until you reach stiff peaks

There you have it folks! Tuck in 😋

Raspberry recipe makes four, values per pud :

275kcal | 27g fat | 4g carbs | 3g protein

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