Low Carb Jaffa Cakes

I know strict ketoers don't eat sweet treats but I'm not strict and if I want something sweet I'd rather it was still low carb ... so I will continue to make little yummies that are less naughty than the alternatives available 🙂 I hope you will enjoy these as much as I did! If … Continue reading Low Carb Jaffa Cakes

Keto Chicken and Bacon Parcels

I've made it my mission to spread the Keto love and try to persuade friends of mine who are looking to lose a few lbs to jump on the low carb high fat wagon. The same as I did at the beginning they all think it's another fad diet with restrictions and misery that is … Continue reading Keto Chicken and Bacon Parcels

Low Carb Macarons

OK so they may not have a shiny shell, they certainly don’t have ‘feet’ and they aren’t full of sugar BUT these little mouthfuls of delight are still macarons-ish! I’ve decided I’m still allowed to call them that seeing as the technique of macronage is still used even though the sugar is not! Meringue is … Continue reading Low Carb Macarons