Low carb Baked Garlic and Cheese Mushrooms

These little delights took moments to prepare and only 10 minutes to bake, what could be better?! I accompanied them with two grilled lamb chops and some courgetti spaghetti, the whole meal from start to finish took 25 minutes to get from the fridge to my tummy ... and only 4g carbs in the whole … Continue reading Low carb Baked Garlic and Cheese Mushrooms

Low Carb Cheesy Puff Pastry

Who doesn't love cheese straws?! You know the ones i mean, flakey, puffy, cheesy goodness that melts in your mouth and are unbelievably moreish? Well ... rather by chance I have made a flakey, cheesy, puffy pastry that is very much like those straws 🙂 I made biscuits with mine as I had intended to … Continue reading Low Carb Cheesy Puff Pastry