Low carb, Gluten free Mushrooms Tarts

I have definitely got Christmas on the brain! I keep trying to conjur up meal ideas, starters and sides, snacks and nibbles, anything and everything yummy that we can devour at Christmas! I’m sure I’ll exceed my carb allowance over the festive period but who cares?! This is a way of eating to help me … Continue reading Low carb, Gluten free Mushrooms Tarts

Low Carb, Diabetic Friendly Meringue Nests

I have been flat out with cake decorating recently and it appears to have resulted in me craving sweet things! Now I can’t say I haven’t had ANY cake cut offs but I’ve been very good considering the amount surrounding me! It has however pushed me to think of other sweet treats that could satisfy … Continue reading Low Carb, Diabetic Friendly Meringue Nests

Low Carb Macarons

OK so they may not have a shiny shell, they certainly don’t have ‘feet’ and they aren’t full of sugar BUT these little mouthfuls of delight are still macarons-ish! I’ve decided I’m still allowed to call them that seeing as the technique of macronage is still used even though the sugar is not! Meringue is … Continue reading Low Carb Macarons