Long time no write!

So I may have let things slide a bit, apologies! Since February the cake business has gone bonkers and I have just not had a minute to regroup and get to writing. I’m not complaining, who knew that my obsession with making cupcakes would ever blossom into such amazing things?! Cake classes are becoming a regular thing too which I absolutely love, sharing skills with other people and teaching them what I know is just wonderful ๐Ÿ™‚ As if that wasn’t enough Ashley, my wonder horse, is bouncing back stronger and fitter than ever before! To think I was advised to put him down FIVE years ago is insane, it just shows that vets aren’t always right. I gave him time, and time has healed him, we even braved some jumping and he bloomin loved it … I was looking like a Cheshire Cat for quite a while after too ๐Ÿ˜€

I have always been the worst at yo-yo dieting and it seems I haven’t broken the habit yet. The issue with keto eating is that you must be prepared or have time and neither of those are things I have in large quantities! However, I went shopping last night and have stocked up, this evening I have set aside a couple of hours to batch cook keto meals to freeze and hopefully that way I can stay on track. Although I haven’t been ketoing I have been strength training and I’ve also invested in a MaxiClimber, it’s brutal but awesome! With that, squats, heel raises, crunches and a few more I’m beginning so see a reduction in body fat % and my shape is changing slightly. Learning to accept I really can’t shift the Lipoedema fat is irritating but it doesn’t mean I have to stop toning the rest of me.

Speaking of Lipoedema, I have booked a Skype consultation with Dr Klasmeyer for October and am unbelievably excited ๐Ÿ˜† He has a mega waiting list, surgery wouldn’t be until 2020 but we all know how fast time goes and at least it gives me a chance to save the money up! It’s frightening and exciting at the same time, I appreciate every operation has risks but this has hindered my life for long enough and I’m making the decision to put an end to it!

I had my laparoscopy in March, the results were inconclusive which was a good thing, no endometriosis yay! I have adhesions between my appendix and bowel which is suspected to be causing the pain but there was no point trying to detach or ‘fix’ the issue as it would most likely make it worse – thanks EDS for the dodgy healing! It doesn’t seem to bother me as much now I know what it is so we’re adding it to the list of ‘issues’ that can be put to the side for now ๐Ÿ˜€

Finally, in May I had my sacroiliac denervation done, after a few weeks of bliss I had the predicted flare up, it was badger but after 6 days of stomach turning pain it gsuddenly went and so far hasn’t returned! That hopefully means they hit the right spots and the nerves have finally died off. Now I can really push the exercises and aim to get my muscles stronger to protect my spine and pray it’s enough to stop the pain returning.

So that’s me! I should have a little more time available for the next few months so I shall aim to get a few low carb recipes up and track my millionth attempt at this ‘diet’ lark! Peace out for now xx

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