2018 progress report!

What a difference a month can make, this isn’t just about dieting anymore this has become about all my health issues and one by one I’m learning how to manage and improve them, it’s fabulous! The ketogenic/low carb way of eating is most definitely agreeing with my body, even my post meal IBS pains have gone and I don’t get any wacky PoTS attacks after eating either. I don’t think it’s just due to low carb, this way of eating means I am also now gluten free and I am cooking all my meals from scratch so there’s no nasty processed foods on my plate either. People ask if it’s hard or confusing, I don’t think so …. I had felt so much better the first time around, then had my Christmas blip where I gained a huge amount of weight and felt totally awful … I’d be an idiot not to get back on it! Sure, I’ll have naughty days or the odd cheeky food item here or there but I shall not return to be a slave to the carbs! So I’m four weeks back on track and down 1st 6lbs, the visual change is awesome and I’m feeling pumped for the following month ahead … I’ve started adding in some muscle strengthening exercises to try and get my legs to pump better, let’s see if Lipoedema will allow this to happen!

Skeletally things are getting so much better too 🙂 In the first week of this year I saw a new physio and she was awesome, she concluded that my winged scapula did indeed have a mind of it’s own but she felt sure with some hard work on my behalf and a promise so do my exercises it would improve. Well, I have been doing those exercises morning and evening every single day for the last three weeks and already we can see a change! I can even get both arms in a full circle to reach above my head, that hasn’t been an easy task for a jolly long time I can tell you 😀 As if that wasn’t fabulous enough I have also been approved NHS funding for a sacroiliac denervation in the hope we can manage my back pain a little better. I had the steroid injections last week so they can be sure they have found the main site of the pain and unbelievably I have had a week of almost NO back pain … as in literally none! I can put my socks on without wincing, I can ride Ashley my horse without feeling miserable and I even sat through a four hour theatre performance last night with only a mild grumble. I feel like a new women, if they can make this a longer term relief I will be unbelievably happy and once again will be so grateful to the medical knowledge and care we can receive in this country. I made a little diagram AAD8E3D6-1A6D-4BD1-B6E2-FBA5E1F63230to help visualise where things are at with my back … numerous injections, major surgery and a few denervations later are we finally finding a way to manage the pain? I hope I will be able to avoid further surgery but I guess we shall see!

I am so looking forward to February, I have some awesome cakes coming up and I am so determined to keep cooking low carb dishes to continue this new journey. I get to met with the orthopaedic consultant to plan the upcoming denervation and with any luck will receive the date for my laparoscopy procedure. It’s all go but weirdly it’s making me happy, my body can keep trying to stumble but I will continue to piece it back together and slowly but surely that is starting to happen 🙂 Oh and don’t forget its my birthday too! I’ll be 29 this year … the big 3 0 is looming aghhhh!!

I hope your 2018 journey is progressing the way you want it too ….. and if you have any ‘inconvenient’ conditions just remember, YOU have the illness, IT doesn’t have YOU xxxx

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