Lipoedema … change is possible!

Lipoedema has become my main inspiration in regards to my health at the moment, many of my other conditions can’t really be helped and they are more conditions to maintain and monitor. I deal with any issues they throw at me as and when they arrive. Lipoedema however is one condition that I feel I can control, maybe it won’t always be that way but for now certainly I am getting results. I was told by quite a few doctors that it was a condition I had to accept and deal with and unfortunately there was little that could be done to reduce size or limit growth. It turns out they were wrong … again!

The low carb, ketogenic way of eating is getting fabulous results from many lipoedema sufferers and I am no different! I had been doing really well before Christmas and the results can be seen in the first set of photos. Unfortunately, due to emotional stress and a complete breakdown of will power, I fell well and truly off the wagon before and during Christmas! I managed to gain almost 1.5 stone in that time and ballooned almost back to where I started, when I weighed myself on New Years Day I was mortified and felt really annoyed at myself. Usually that would have resulted in a massive sulk but instead I gave myself a talking to and as of the 2nd of January I have been back on track.

Today I weighed myself and did a few photos and measurements, I cannot believe the difference a week of eating low carb has made to my legs!! The size is one thing but I have also lost 13lbs in weight (the majority of which will be water), almost all my leg pain has subsided along with the bruising and I am feeling full of energy and all round pretty fabulous actually! The pictures below speak for themselves really 🙂


So if you suffer from Lipoedema, or indeed just want to shift a few pounds and feel fabulous then I really do recommend the Keto lifestyle! I had a bowl of raspberries and whipped cream for dessert today …. you can’t exactly call that a bad diet right?! Xx


I’m on Instagram too if you’d like daily inspiration for meal ideas! Track me down @the_keto_baking_zebra xxx

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