Low Carb Keto Zebra Cheesecake

The Baking Zebra baked a Zebra 😀 This has literally made my weekend complete! Creamy vanilla cheesecake meets rich dark chocolate in this decadent keto dessert! The base is made with ground almonds and hazelnuts which gives the most beautiful taste to complement the cheesecake. Finished off with a dark chocolate ganache this pud is sure to be a total winner!

The higher the percentage of cocoa the lower the carbs will be, I found a 99% bar of Lindt chocolate in Waitrose which is only 8g carbs per 100g! The nutritional values at the end of the post are based on 99% chocolate.


  • 100g ground hazelnuts
  • 50g ground almonds
  • 50g unsalted butter
  • 5 tbsp sweetener (I use Sukrin which is granulated but whizzed in my coffee grinder to make it powdered – this isn’t essential)
  • 500g cream cheese
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tsp vanilla essence
  • 150g dark chocolate (I use Lindt 99% cocoa/cacoa)
  • 170ml double cream
  • A few whole hazelnuts for decorate (optional)


  1. Preheat oven to 180c fan assisted or 200c without. Grease and line a 7″ springform or loose bottomed tin (8″ would work too the layers would just be a little thinner) and cover the outside with two layers of foil.
  2. In a bowl combine the ground nuts and 1 tbsp sweetener. Melt the butter and add to the nuts, mix until they start clumping together.
  3. Tip the nutty mix into your prepared tin and press down into a flat base. Bake for 10-13 minutes until lightly golden then leave out to cool. Turn your oven down 20c.
  4. Break 100g of chocolate into pieces, melt in the microwave or over a steam bowl. Add 70ml of cream and mix until a thick paste is formed. Set aside to cool.
  5. Remove the excess liquid from the cream cheese (I used a muslin cloth but it’s not completely necessary) then put into a clean bowl. Whisk the cream cheese until soft, add 3 tbsp sweetener and then eggs one at a time, ensuring the first is fully encorporated before adding the second.
  6. Split equally into two bowls, in one add the vanilla essence, in the other add your chocolate paste, whisk both until fully encorporated.
  7. Put a spoonful of chocolate mix into the centre of your tin, follow with a vanilla spoonful, continue alternating until you have finished both bowls. Depending how much liquid you removed from the cheese you may need to squidge the mixture out as you add each layer.
  8. Use a palette knife to smooth the surface of your cheese.
  9. Place in a roasting tray and add 1″ of hot water around your tin, bake for 45-60 mins until the cheesecake is wobbly but firm to touch.
  10. Either in a microwave or over a steam bath melt together 100ml cream and 50g chocolate along with 1tbsp sweetener. If using a microwave do 20 second bursts to prevent burning the chocolate. Pour over the warm cheesecake and roll the tin until it’s all covered. Add hazelnuts if you like.
  11. Let cool to room temperature before moving to the fridge for a minimum of 4 hours before serving.
  12. Once set, warm a palette knife before running around the edge of the tin, release the cheesecake and serve.

I made this today and didn’t have a single complaint! I hope you enjoy it too xx

Nutritional values – Whole cake 4598kcal | 440g fat | 47g carbs | 87.2g protein

Serves 10-12 – Per slice (if 10) 460kcal | 44g fat | 4.7g carbs | 8.7g protein



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