Alzheimer’s Cupcake Day

If you’d told me this time last year that I’d be organising a charity event where I’d be centre of it all and serving customers in a shop environment I would probably have laughed in your face! Me? Scaredy-cat, crap under pressure, trembling, clammy mess me?! Haha yeah right!! … Oh how far I’ve come 😀 Because that’s precisely what I did do, with the help of friends and family I took over my families flower shop for an afternoon and I held my first ever coffee/cupcake day in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society.

I won’t lie to you, I was bricking it! What if people don’t turn up? What if there are tonnes of cakes left over? What if I can’t even make £50?! Aghhhh! …. But they did, lots of people turned up to support me and the charity and I wasn’t left with a single cake or macaron 🙂 When I saw Paul Holywood’s post on Facebook about #cupcakeday 2017 I immediately knew I wanted to take part so I ordered the kit straight away. So far in my life I’ve been incredibly lucky to have had no loved one suffer with dementia but I have close friends who have and it is heart breaking. Such a cruel disease that robs people of their lives, and that’s why I felt I really wanted to give this cupcake day a go! It was all very last minute as I found out so late but even with 10 days notice we still pulled it off!

My Mum and sister are fabulous at organising things like this, due to the brain fog I am beyond hopeless and so I was very grateful to find them conjuring up tables and table cloths, chairs and other things for people to sit on, as well as all the other little behind the scenes preparations. I spent all day Saturday in the kitchen and by the end I had made 96 cupcakes, 60 macarons and a few iced cookies. It was at this point I started my meltdown as I realised I may have made a few too many items!

Sunday morning the sun had well and truly got his hat on, by lunchtime it had become a glorious day and I was having a meltdown due to the prospect of melting cupcakes! Fear not … in the shop where the air con had been on all night it was glorious and totally cake friendly thank goodness so that was marvellous! We got everything set up and laid out before people started arriving, and they sure did arrive! 

My aim when I chose to do this event was to raise £100-150 however with all the sales and games I managed to raise a whopping £420!! I was gobsmacked and suddenly felt a huge sense of achievement within myself … I’d done it! I’d actually stood there, serving customers, with my compression gear on and a strong mental refusal to let the heat take away my fun and I had well and truly succeeded. My dream is to have my own shop one day, a quaint tea room tithes all tables and table cloths with china cups and saucers and all the baked goodies you could ever hope for. Given my numerous ailments I’ve always questioned whether id be able to achieve that goal but this cupcake day showed me I can do it I just have to believe in myself and take doctors suggestions a little better 😀

There will most definitely be another one once I have decided which charity to do it for, until then I will continue baking and caking 😃 Until then keep strong, keep positive and and get baking! Xx

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