It seemed like a good idea!

Clammy hands, shaking legs, squeaky voice, jumbled words …  near panic attack! That’s me if I’m centre stage, leaving my last job everyone gathered around and I seriously thought I may faint, my graduation with all those beady eyes on me felt like the room was spinning and numerous other occasions. So, what did I go and do last month? Decide to advertise some cupcake classes! Yup that’s right, a room full of eager bakers staring at me for two hours while I try and make sense and show them how to ice a cupcake!

Not going to lie, I am freaking out BIG TIME! What if it goes wrong? What if they all think its rubbish? What if we run out of time? I’m losing sleep over this even though I know it’s so irrational. 

I’ve started talking to myself in the mirror to get used to it and I think actually it is getting a little less scary 🙂 Recently I had hypnotherapy to help with my sleep and other things and she helped me realise how important positivity is, more so ‘the law of attraction’ and I believe it works, you think positive and positive things will happen. With that in mind I am aiming to feel excited about these classes instead. I love helping people learn new things, there’s so much satisfaction in seeing people happy with an outcome you have helped with. So standing in front of all those eyes with no one to help me if it goes pear shaped … WILL BE FINE!

I intend to do lots more if I can pull it off so fingers crossed! Hope you’re all staying warm and having a good week xx

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