Christmas is coming …

I saw these whizzing around the net last year but never got the time to make any. This year I’ve made the time and was overwhelmed with how many have been ordered!

Aren’t they fun?! And so so easy for you to make if you fancy giving it a go. I think they make adorable gifts for family and friends or even for kids to make for gifts to their friends. 

It really is so simple … get a Terry’s chocolate orange, melt some dairy milk down in the microwave (do so in 20 second hits to ensure you don’t burn the chocolate), now take a malteaser and dunk it in the chocolate and stick it to your Terry’s orange. I started at the top and got a few layers down before turning it over and finishing the rest. Pop in the fridge for 10 mins while you get your fondant ready.

Make a hat out of red and make a white sausage to put around the base, then make the feet, beak and eyes. Once all the chocolate has set use a little water to stick all the fondant pieces on.

This is the other one, a Christmas pudding! Same base but just cut out a splodge of white fondant to make the top and use a cutter to make the holly leaves, add 3 berries on the top et voila you’re all done 😀

If you fancied making mini versions for school friends or teachers I also stuck a few malteasers together on to a stick to make the cute mini versions! 

Any questions just ask! Have fun 😊

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