The never ending cold …

How is it possible to still be suffering with a cold after THREE weeks?!?! EDS and POTS apparently is the answer…

Thankfully I rarely get coughs and colds but I’ve been hit by my annual bug and the damn thing just will not leave me! It turns out being ill makes POTS symptoms flare up big time 😦 Unfortunately when your heart rate doesn’t drop below 100bpm allll day long it begins to make you feel really rather pants, mega tired with banging headaches and super dizzy. It turns out the medication my doctor prescribed for my eating troubles doesn’t appear to be working either so that’s frustrating – I’ve lost half a stone in the last week which I wouldn’t usually complain about but to be honest I’m a bit worried about the whole thing, I’m seeing the doc next Tuesday so fingers crossed its an easily fixed issue!

I did some research and spoke to a lovely nurse in the Autonomic Unit at NHNN to ask if I was supposed to do anything different to help my symptoms, apparently it’s very normal for someone with my issues to take much longer to overcome these bugs so at least that was reassuring in a way. A cold or illness which affects the body takes its toll on the autonomic system which is why my symptoms have all flared up, she was fab and gave me lots of advise …. Drink much more than normal (I’ve upped my 2 litres to 3-4), increase my salt intake as it makes the body retain water and therefore increases blood volume and rest, lots and lots of rest.

With some extra time on my hands sitting around in an attempt to get better I have been doing some thinking on ways I can make money with less impact on my health, Winter is coming and I always feel rubbish at this time of year, now I know why it means I can actually change things to hopefully make me feel better. What are your opinions on tray bakes? I have been looking into packaging which will allow me to post tray bakes! I have a habit of getting excited about bad ideas but I think this is a good one do you agree? I’m thinking chocolate brownies, chocolate and peanut butter squares, lemon drizzle, carrot cake, who knows the possibilities are endless and I would do gluten free alternatives too! Feeling poorly and lacking energy for anything else may just have been a good thing, baking through the Winter would be much better than trudging through mud with the horses I must admit.

I’m hoping I feel better by the weekend so I can try and make some Nutella bread after the chocolate challenge in this weeks GBBO, I hope you’re all having a good week … Almost the weekend xx

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