The illness that just keeps on giving!

How can it be that I managed 26 years of living with minimal problems and then bam my body decides it’s time to start protesting?! Well that appears to be the case, having had everything diagnosed I came to terms with the fact I was just going to have to man up and get on. Some days I get very tired, others I feel almost normal, but now my stomach appears to be joining in the malfunctioning crew and I couldn’t be less impressed!

I have always had what some would say a ‘healthy appetite’, or as my dad would call me ‘a human dustbin’ (he means it lovingly I’m sure!) but over the past few months I haven’t been my usual self when it came to food. I put it down to doing less active work, or maybe the hot weather, then I decided it was because I was getting a bug however it’s intermittent behaviour was beginning to concern me. I tried to do what I do best and ignore it, that sort of worked but forcing meals down me just made me extremely nauseous and gave me mega swollen tummy.

When you have so many different issues it becomes a bit embarrassing going to the doctor with yet another problem, eventually I got brave and paid my GP a visit. He explained EDS can cause gastro issues because the connective tissues in the digestive tract can be too slack causing the food to go through the system much slower than it should. That sounded pretty undesirable and the testing equally unpleasant and quite long winded so I decided to try and ride it out in the hope it would sort itself out, after all if it is the dreaded gastroparesis there isn’t much to be done from what I can figure out. So after a better week I thought things were working out, we sat down for my Dads birthday meal on Sunday (I will share my starter recipe tomorrow – salmon tians …. Yummmyyyyyy!) and started tucking in to our dinner. I ate the starter and that overfull feeling started brewing, we plated up the mains a scrummy lamb roast my favourite! I managed half the plate before the sick feeling started and that was that, no more for me which normally I’d be ok with but this was Mum’s roast lamb dinner and seriously there isn’t much in the world that even comes close to that!

That was the last straw so I arranged a phone consultation with my GP and spoke to him today, we’re going to try some anti acid medication for a few weeks to see whether I have just angered my stomach somehow and these bouts of not being able to eat may just be my bodies way of saying it needs to calm down. I really really hope they work, I’ve had enough of being poked and prodded for the time being and I really like food to be honest!

I’ll share my tian recipe tomorrow, until then fingers crossed these tablets get to work! Xx

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